Quick and Easy Cash for Your Business Through Account Receivables Conversion

If your business can use the cash owed for your goods or services at the time they are billed rather than later, then converting your receivables is for you. This can be a great way for you to tap into cash when you need it instead of waiting for your customers to pay you. By financing receivables through ClearBlu Capital Group, you can get the cash you need without incurring any additional debt. You’re selling us one of your assets instead.

How Your Business Can Benefit

By converting your receivables into cash, you’re able to access funding based on your customers’ credit instead of yours. You can view it as a way of outsourcing the work of your accounts receivable department — you’ll never need to worry about your customers paying you on time.

These are some of the advantages you can gain from our receivables programs:

  • Obtain cash from your invoices in 24 hours.
  • No personal guarantees are required.
  • Funding amounts increase as your receivables grow.
  • Get cash for your business without arbitrary loan board decisions.
  • Working capital is available when needed to fund inventory purchases or work orders.
  • You can provide your customers with flexible payment plans.

Contact One of Our Specialists To Learn More

You can start growing your business now by contacting one of our accounts receivable financing specialists. We provide no-fee and no-obligation consultations that will demonstrate how converting your invoices will get your business the cash it needs at the time it’s needed.