Customer Payment Options Increase Your Sales

Looking for ways to increase your sales? Make it easier for customers to purchase your products or services! ClearBlu Capital Group’s consumer finance plans help businesses grow their sales volume by making it easer for customers to make purchases. Our credit card processing systems and internally financed payment plans enable your customers to spend more by taking away the need to rely on cash.

Benefits for Both Your Customers and for Your Business

Our customer payment plans and systems bring attractive benefits to both sides of the sales transaction. By offering your customers more ways to pay, you’re setting up a win-win arrangement.

Your customers benefit because:

  • They can use their personal revolving credit.
  • They can choose from different payment plans.
  • Secure payment transactions build confidence.
  • High credit limits can be approved quickly.
  • Reward and bonus points can be easily acquired and tracked.
  • They have the flexibility to buy a needed item if cash is limited.

Your business benefits because:

  • You increase your customer base and encourage repeat purchases.
  • You establish customer loyalty.
  • Your sales transactions are secure.
  • You can offer rewards for on-time payments and repeat purchases.
  • Customer credit applications are completed and approved electronically.
  • You receive your funds at the time of purchase.

Why Wait?

Contact us today and get started! Our consumer finance specialists are available for a no-obligation and no-fee consultation. We’ll show you how easy it is to build your sales with convenient consumer payment plans and an easy-to-use merchant interface.