Purchase Order Financing That’s There When Needed

Wholesale suppliers often require their resellers and manufacturers to place their purchase orders based on a predetermined schedule or in specified quantities. A company may not always be able to meet these purchasing requirements and that’s where ClearBlu Capital Group provides a solution. We’ll get you the purchasing funds you need when you need them. Regardless of what your purchasing needs are tied to, you can depend on us to help get things done on time through purchase order financing.

A Reliable Source for Purchase Order Funding

Production and manufacturing can be dependent on cycles, seasons and income streams. We understand that cash flow can be extremely unpredictable and there can be limited access to immediately-available funds for purchasing. With our purchase order funding programs, your needs can be quickly addressed and our letters of credit and transaction guarantees will help you get your goods out the door.

The advantages or our program include:

  • Funding of up to 100 percent based on order size
  • Quick disbursement with flexible payment terms
  • On-time and dependable delivery schedules
  • The capability to fulfill large orders at any time
  • No requirement for bank debt or equity surrender
  • Fast and competitive expansion of your market share

End Your Production and Distribution Purchase-Order Concerns

We provide purchase order financing for production-heavy operations so they can stay on track. Whether you’re a manufacturer, producer or worldwide distributor contact us today to see how we can put an end to a major production and distribution concern.